Financial Domination

 Princess Lyne's thoughts on Financial Domination

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An Interview With The Gorgeous Princess Lyne

sb: Princess Lyne, i am SO honored to be allowed to do Your first interview. You are almost a legend! Before we start however i know You just came back from Vegas! How was the trip!

PL: Vegas was pretty amazing! I finally got to hang with like-minded people (Princess Ceara & Princess Monique), and it couldn't have gone better! We partied like the Dommes We are, and of course We didn't finance a penny of the trip Ourselves.. however that's another story. But since I love Vegas and I love what I do... being in Vegas with people that share similar interests was Phenomenal!

sb: Yes Princess Ceara and Princess Monique are both gorgeous and very cool Dommes! Please tell me about Your childhood. Were You always so dominant?

PL: OMG, like you wouldn't believe!! My mother has a tendency to remind of what a little manipulative brat I was when I young. Apparently when I had an allowance (at the ripe age of 5... what 5 year old needs money?!), I would make My dad give Me more each week. So let's say I started out with $5. Once he would hand Me the $5 I would tell him I want more. Then I'd get another $5, and so on and so on. I think My mom said at the ripe and tender age of 5 that I was able to get $50 out of him sometimes! LOL!! Don't worry, it was all put into My piggy bank (until I figured out how to break into that sucker). But yeah, I've always been dominant. I've always been manipulative, and I've always known that I've had a certain aura about Me that can bring any man/boy to his knees... and I've always used it to My advantage.

sb: Way cool! Are You a Female Supremacist?

PL: Well honestly I do believe women have more power... for the simple fact that Our genitalia can rule the world! We can, in fact, control any man/boy out there, simply because the penis is a weak (might I add POWERLESS) organ. It's merely for show! So in short... yes, I do believe women are innately better than men.

sb: Please tell us about Your various training programs? Do You offer webcam, phone, and photo training?

PL: I've kinda veered away from the online training, just for the simple fact that I really want to enjoy what I do. Once it gets too time consuming and it starts to interfere with My personal life and full-time job, then it starts to not be fun anymore. I do occasionally offer phone training... which can also include webcam. I usually do that through niteflirt. I also have recently started doing video clips with my own clip store. I really enjoy the video clips the most. I think they're so much fun to make and I love the response I get from the viewers!

sb: Yes Your clips store is absolutely amazing! What is Your style of domination?

PL: Total manipulation/humiliation! I love teasing subs because they're weak penis can't keep from getting hard each time they visit My site or clips4sale store. I love treating them like the little pathetic idiots they are, and I absolutely Love, Love, Love teasing them with My body (fully clothed Always). It's just soooooo easy and fun!

sb: i know it is an honor for a pathetic loser to be used by You. What criteria do You use to decide if a slave who has asked to serve You is truly worthy?

PL: Persistence, dedication, and proven loyalty. There are so many out there that continue to contact Me asking to serve. I usually tell them to get lost, or I just ignore them. However, it's those that get My attention that keep contacting Me (unless you're unlucky enough to get put on My ignore list), and prove their sincerity by purchasing something off My wish list, sending Me an Amazon gift certificate, tribute in the mail, etc. Once I realize someone is dedicated and serious, then I decide whether or not to take it to the next level. I also don't want someone who's posted about on 15 other Domme's blogs. I want someone loyal - someone who's not going to whore themselves all over the internet.

sb: What kind of slaves do You like the most? What kind will You not put up with?

PL: I love financial slaves, cuckolds, foot slaves, and humiliation slaves. Slaves that I absolutely Cannot stand are those that are Needy. Like they honestly think I give a shit about their needs! C'mon... you can't possibly be that stupid! But really, needy slaves and slaves that beg for webcam I cannot stand and I will NOT tolerate. If I want to reward you with seeing My webcam, then I will do so at My discretion. However, begging will result in termination of O/our relationship, so I wouldn't test the waters.

sb: That is understandable. Can You tell me the most humiliating thing You ever did to a slave in an online or Niteflirt session?

PL: It was actually just very recently. Though I've been on niteflirt for 4 years and counting, so I'm sure I'm forgetting a few sessions here and there. But, the other night I made some reject piss into a glass and hold up a virtual "toast" to the webcam while I was on webcam sipping wine, LOL. Then the session continued and I made him cum into a glass and toast that to Me as well. All the while I took pictures. It was Hilarious!

sb: Wow, that IS very humiliating but i bet You laughed very hard!  Do You work with other Dommes?

PL: I do! My best friend is a Domme. I actually introduced her to the online scene not too long ago. She's totally a natural, it's insane! We actually met at a former job and I could tell from day 1 as She was manipulating Our coworkers that She totally knew what She had and how to use it! LOL! I also recently met Princess Ceara and Princess Monique, and We totally hit it off. It couldn't have turned out any better. We all work so well together, and We're totally ready for another team-up to virtually (or in RT) mess up some rejects!

sb: Wow i can just imagine the three of You beautiful Princesses working over a slave together! There is nothing You couldn't get any loser to do! Do You enjoy training cross dressers and sissies? Do You enjoy forced transformations?

PL: I actually don't deal much with that.. but I do have quite the following of sissies. I guess sissies seem to be the type to be very needy and beg a lot. And like I said earlier, that's totally not something I prefer to deal with.

sb: Please tell me about some of the RT sessions You have done. Did a loser actually clean Your shoes in public and lick the cement?

PL: Yes he did and it was soooooooo funny! It was actually one of My first real time experiences... since then it's spiralled out of control and I love it! After he licked My boots clean I made him lick the concrete where I had stepped, and he lapped it up like a little dog!! Just recently I actually had a real time session where I kept kicking this idiot in the nuts with My platform stilettos!! I then proceeded to get as much spit in My mouth as possible and then spit it all over him while making him beg for more. And yes.. I kinda had a cold at the time so I was able to get some nice thick looggies! LOL!

sb: AWESOME! How do You deal with all of the wankers online?

PL: Quite honestly I don't deal with many people online anymore, because there are Too many wankers. I usually just ignore people when they message Me. Like I said earlier, those that are persistent and prove they are serious are the ones that get My attention. The wankers get ignored. I have My stable of loyal losers and I'm happy with them... if someone comes along that I believe is worth it, then I'll consider giving them a home.

sb: What is Your favorite type of clothing?

PL: Oh god, well, I love anything sexy. Anything low cut & tight is the way to go! I love lingerie too, and so does My boy friend. I also have quite the obsession with designer denim. I recently got rid of over 30 pairs of jeans that cost anywhere from $120-$400 a pair. Even after getting rid of 30 pairs, I still have 35 left in My closet... ha, ha. I seriously could open a jeans store!

sb: i know You have a fabulous clips4sale store. Please tell us more about it!

PL: The clips4sale store is new, and I love it. I started My store this past summer (2007), and I've been making clips ever since. I love it because it's a way for My slaves/admirers to get to know Me in a way that I've never really offered before. It's also a GREAT money maker... anyone can buy a clip anywhere and at anytime. The possibilities are endless!

sb: i have to ask You to Please give us a few details on how You and Your friends manipulated those 2 losers in Vegas? That clip looks Awesome!

PL: So those rejects totally thought they were going to score with Us... little did they know! We took them up to Our room and had a little fun with them. It involved a little bit of forced bi, humiliation, forced-intox, etc. I'm actually surprised the one reject didn't get arrested for public indecency. It was definitely a great start to a Fabulous weekend in Las Vegas!

sb: Wow, i wish i was there also! Do You enjoy using cuckold slaves? i bet You get deluged with requests from losers begging for that!

PL: Oh for sure! I'm constantly getting slaves that are Begging to hear about My amazing sex life that I have with My boy friend - a real man. They also beg to purchase lingerie for Me, and some even beg to buy him things. I love the idiots that pay for his used condoms.. LOL!!

sb: i can believe it! What is your favorite drink?

PL: I absolutely Love red wine - French Pinot Noirs from Bourgogne are My fav. When speaking in terms of liquor I'm obsessed with Dirty Ketel Martinis... occasionally I will splurge and get blue-cheese stuffed olives. And then during the day you will hardly find Me without a Perrier/Pellegrino in My hand. I Love sparkling water!

sb: Perhaps you could share one or two of your other interests?

PL: Well I think most of you probably know that I love to gamble. But more specifically I LOVE playing No Limit Texas Hold'em. I'm pretty good at it. My best friend is a professional poker player and he taught Me the ropes. I'm a quick learner!

I also really enjoy traveling. Just recently I traveled to USVI/BVIs, Las Vegas, DC, LA, Chicago, South Beach. I really enjoy traveling and I don't mind it at all. It's also good when your boy friend's company has a HUGE expense account and the traveling is free. But then again.. if he didn't I'd still be traveling on the expense of some losers, LOL.

sb: You are absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Have You ever modeled professionally?

PL: Well thank you!! I'm flattered! No, I have not done any professional modeling. I'd like to try it sometime, though. So we'll see. I'd love to be in Maxim/Stuff/FHM for some type of Online Domme spread or something. If you or anyone knows how to hook that up, I'd really appreciate it!

sb: i do know someone and will ask! You also have absolutely perfect feet! That must really drive Your slaves wild!

PL: Yes, it definitely does. Foot slaves are My favorite! All I have to do is turn on My webcam for 2 seconds and the money just starts pouring it. It's hilarious to hear them babble.... they're like infants once they see the bottoms of My feet and My high arches. Foot slaves are also great at picking out/paying for My sexy expensive shoes that I MUST have.

sb: i know You are one of the best at Financial slavery. Do You offer monthly payment schedules for losers as well as drive by wallet rapings?

PL: Yes I do.. or I force them to buy Me something expensive whenever I ask for it. I usually just prefer to have the idiots send Me money when I'm online, seeing how I'm not online as often as I was in the past. It's easier for everyone because then I don't have the complainers saying "but Princess, You weren't online this week or last week." Blah, Blah, Blah.... so yeah, to get rid of that problem I just have them send/purchase whatever/whenever I command. Plus I think it works to My advantage anyway.

sb: What are Your favorite types of gifts? Could You post some wish lists that lucky slaves can click to tribute You?

PL: Most recently I've been really into shoes and lingerie. I workout a lot more now than I had in the past so I can't seem to want to show off My body enough (to My boy friend, of course). He loves seeing Me in lingerie, and since most of My slaves are either cuckolds or footboys, both items are mutually beneficial. I love, love, love expensive shoes! Jimmy Choos are My favorite. The fit is perfect and the styles are gorgeous! Plus they accentuate My perfect peds very nicely! Check out my amazon wish list.

sb: Do You have a myspace page where slaves can learn more about You and see more of Your awesome photos?

PL: Yes, I do!

sb: If someone gave You 1 million dollars what would You do with it?

PL: I would start My own clothing boutique. Well, first I'd travel around the world in a Yacht... then I'd start the clothing boutique.

sb: Princess Lyne, thank You VERY much for this very exclusive interview for Dickie Virgin! Please tell prospective slaves how You can be contacted.

PL: you can contact Me or keep up to date with what's going on in My life at Greedy Blondes, NiteFlirt, MySpace, Live Journal or the Clip Store!

sb: Thank You again! i am very honored You gave me this interview and may i please humbly kneel and kiss Your feet in gratitude?

PL: Yes you may... now run along little piggy! LOL!